Your guide to helping – Local Charities

23/09/2011 3:38 pm

During a time of recession when public sector spending cuts, rising unemployment and long term economic uncertainty are placing untold pressures on families and communities the role of charities within society is becoming increasingly important. The value of the work undertaken by charities is often underplayed and to some extent their presence is taken for granted but the fact of the matter is that without them and the tireless and selfless efforts many vulnerable elements of our society would be suffering great hardship.  

Charities are not recession proof however and it is something of a paradox that at a time when more is being asked of charities their revenues are falling alarmingly. More than a third of people in the UK are giving less to charity than they did before the recession started, according to research. More then 1,500 UK respondents were asked about their giving habits. Thirty-five per cent said they were giving less because of the economic downturn and 4 per cent said they had stopped giving completely.

The report did have some brighter news as eight per cent said they were now giving more. Now is a time when our local charities need our help more than ever. Now is the time when our donations will have the maximum impact and make the most difference to struggling communities, families and individuals. Wirral benefits from a great many dedicated charities and they all need our help. Below, we have profiled a selection of local charities working in Wirral. There are many more. As business owners and individuals we owe it to our communities to look at our contributions and see if we can do a little more to help. Article supplied by Chelsea McCulloch


Age Concern & Help the Aged

Age Concern Wirral 0151 666 2220, 42-44 Market Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 5BT  

Help the Aged Shop 0151 353 1517, 1, The Cross, Neston, Wirral, CH64 9UB 

We believe that age needs respect kindness and sometimes help. Age Concern and Help the Aged have joined forces to become Age UK – so that we can be here for everyone in later life. Age UK has a vision of a world in which older people flourish and aim to improve later life for everyone through information and advice, campaigns, products, training and research. 

Age UK is the only UK charity to focus research funds exclusively on later life. That’s because we believe that we should all be able to enjoy good health in later life, free from the diseases and disabilities associated with growing older and the consequences that they can bring about, such as social isolation, anxiety, frailty and loss of independence. The research we fund is providing answers and we’ve already seen significant breakthroughs in dementia, falls prevention, stroke and incontinence, to name a few. 

There are 470 Age UK charity shops throughout the UK, offering a wide and ever-changing range of reasonably priced goods. The shops provide a gateway to the whole charity and they are recycling centres too. Most of us have items at work or at home that we don’t use or need. Donate them to Age UK and we’ll turn them into money to help make life better for older people here and abroad.


Barnardo’s Shops

Barnardo’s Shops 0151 645 1226 4c, Church Rd, Bebington, Wirral, CH63 7PH

Bernardo’s transforms the lives of vulnerable children across the UK through the work of our projects, campaigning and research. We believe we can bring out the best in every child whether the issue is child poverty, sexual exploitation, disability or domestic violence. As one of the UK’s leading children’s charities Barnardo’s work directly with over 100,000 children, young people and their families every year.

Every Barnardo’s project is different but each believes in the potential in every child and young person, no matter who they are, what they have done or what they have been through. Your time is one of the most valuable gifts you can give. There are lots of different ways to get involved including fundraising, volunteering and campaigning. Your support will transform the lives of the most disadvantaged children. There is likely to be a Barnardo’s charity shop in your community selling donated goods and profits go towards helping to transform the lives of vulnerable children across the UK.


Barnstondale Centre

 Barnstondale Centre 0151 648 1412 Storeton Lane, Barnston, Wirral, CH61 1BU

 Barnstondale Centre provides affordable residential and non-residential breaks to groups of young people from the wider Merseyside area that are considered disadvantaged in any way i.e. financially, socially, physically or emotionally. We provide an environment which is far removed from everyday inner-city life. We offer facilities, routine and an activity base to assist group leaders in facilitating their own self-devised programmes in order to work on improving self-esteem, widening horizons and increasing the motivation of our young community.

You can make a difference by volunteering, sponsoring & donating to help us help young people! Let’s work together as a community for the benefit of future generations! As a non profit making independent charity Barnstondale Centre relies heavily on the public’s generosity and contributions from outside organizations and local business. Without you we cannot support the young people of our community. Your help is crucial to our work! As little as £1 given or saved will help us provide facilities and activities to assist our young community grow as individuals. So, please contribute whatever you can Volunteer your skills, knowledge, expertise. Give us your ideas send us your donations.


British Red Cross Shop

British Red Cross Shop 0151 343 0056, 7, Allport Lane, Bromborough, Wirral, CH62 7HH

We are a volunteer-led humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. We enable vulnerable people at home and overseas to prepare for and respond to emergencies in their own communities and when the crisis is over, we help people recover and move on with their lives. 

We offer a range of services including; First Aid Training, Emergency Response all over the UK and internationally, Health and social care helping the most vulnerable of people in the UK and overseas, Preparation for disasters, Refugee Service and also a Missing Family Service to help families find loved ones in disasters.

The British Red Cross have a variety of charity shops in the Uk Selling donated goods including Independent living products, and first aid products to help those living in poverty in the UK while also raising funds for the charity.


Cancer Research UK

 Cancer Research UK 0151 625 3126, 1, Dee Lane, West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 0QH  

We work in partnership with others to achieve the greatest impact in the global fight against cancer. Spreading your donation across the year in small monthly donations enables us to plan our research better. This means our regular supporters are vital to making advances in cancer research. We carry out world-class research to improve our understanding of cancer and find out how to prevent, diagnose and treat different forms of the disease. We ensure that our findings are used to improve the lives of all cancer patients helping to understand cancer, the progress we are making and the choices each person can make. We have saved millions of lives with our groundbreaking work into preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer. People’s chances of surviving cancer have doubled in the last 40 years, and we’ve been at the heart of that progress. But more than one in three of us will still get cancer at some point. Our vital work, funded entirely by the public, will help ensure that cancer survival rates continue to rise.


Claire House Children’s Hospice

 Claire House Children’s Hospice 0151 334 4626, Clatterbridge Rd, Bebington, Wirral, CH63 4JD

 Claire House is a bright, vibrant place of hope. In addition to caring for our children and young adults with life shortening conditions, we also focus on the needs of the whole family, providing bereavement and other support for as long as it is required. With no guaranteed government funding we need to raise in excess of £2.5 million each year to maintain our present levels of service.

Whilst Claire House is a positive place, focussed on helping the children and young adults to get the most out of every day regardless of their ability, our highly specialist nursing team work in the community through our ‘Hospice to Home’ programme which offers paediatric palliative care in the family home.  With a hospice to home service also operating from our Liverpool office we are now reaching more families than in previous years and hope to see this grow in other areas too. Claire House is almost completely reliant on voluntary donations to fund its running costs and needs the support of business and individuals to maintain its services.


 Clatterbridge Cancer Research Trust J.K Douglas Laboratories

 Clatterbridge Cancer Research Trust J.K Douglas Laboratories 0151 343 4300 Clatterbridge Hospital, Bebington, Wirral, CH63 4JY

 Since 1980 Clatterbridge Cancer Research has funded world-class genetic research into understanding the causes and most effective treatments for cancer patients.  Our team of leading laboratory scientists – The Applied Cancer Biology Research Group – are based at the within a cancer research centre of excellence, the Liverpool Cancer Centre. Our team investigate cancers including brain, breast and head and neck. They research the genetic aspects behind the causes of cancer with a view to developing more effective, personalised treatments for each patient.

 As a local charity, Clatterbridge Cancer Research is dedicated to reducing the disproportionately high cancer incidence and mortality rates in the region by giving the people of Merseyside and Cheshire the best possible chance of fighting cancer.

We need in excess of £2 million each year as a grant making body to continue our vital work to support our team of scientists. We are an independent charity that receives no government funding and solely rely on the generosity of the public and local business to advance our cancer research.

 Clatterbridge Cancer Research has been very lucky to have had the generous support of Graham Smith and Geetas over many years. In the coming months CCR hopes to work very closely with Geetas as our charity grows and develops. Having the guidance and support of such an organisation means that we have the tools we need to make informed decisions to guide the organisation forward.  


Crossroads Caring for Carers

 Crossroads Caring for Carers 0151 482 3148, Unit 10, Grisedale Rd, Bromborough, Wirral, CH62 3QA

 Crossroads Care is Britain’s leading provider of support for carers and the people they care for. We work with over 41,000 individuals and their families, helping carers make a life of their own outside caring. We employ over 6,000 trained professionals, providing flexible services to people of all ages and with a range of disabilities and health conditions.

 As a charity, we care for people not for profit. Our carer support staff love their work. They understand what carers, and those they care for, need. They know the simple things that really matter, they do the hard jobs with a smile and they take pleasure in fitting into family life.

 It’s no surprise then, that Crossroads Care staff build long and trusted relationships and that more people turn to us for support than to any other social care provider. Every penny of profit raised by shopping with crossroads enterprises ltd is gifted back to the national charity and is used to fund crossroads care’s vital work to improve the quality of life for carers.


Family Friends

 Family Friends 0151 641 0361 within Willow Tree Resource Centre, Stavourdale Rd, Moreton, Wirral, CH46 9PS

 Family Friends is a charity established in 1993 to support disadvantaged families. Through a network of trained volunteers we provide befriending and mentoring services to families living in deprived areas. Family Friends’ volunteers offer a listening ear and time to learn about the problems and experiences of a family. Through respect, encouragement and support, they aim to help families discover their strengths, build confidence and resolve difficulties. As well as providing much needed emotional support, they help out families on a practical level too. A volunteer may introduce a parent to community resources, find out about relevant social benefits, visit the local park with them or give support around parenting. Family Friends carefully recruits, trains and matches volunteers with parents, children or adolescents. Volunteers meet the family in their home, once a week for two hours. They offer long-term practical and emotional help based on each family’s unique needs and potential. Volunteers pledge a year’s commitment and Family Friends’ staff back up their work with on-going supervision and family feedback interviews. 


Helplink Community Support

 Helplink Community Support 0151 648 3322, 7a, Thingwall Rd, Irby, Wirral, CH61 3UA

Helplink is a Community Support scheme, operating to Wirral Community Care Charter standards & offers practical help & support by providing assistance which will help maintain or improve the ever important quality of life for it’s clients. The Staff & Trustees work hard to ensure that the charity continues to meet the increasing demand for community support in the Wirral area. We have also built up a network of contacts so even if we can’t help, we may know someone who can.

We currently have around 800 clients for whom we provide help and support. Our volunteers are kind, compassionate people who really care about the clients they help & befriend, often going way beyond what is expected of a volunteer to ensure that our clients aren’t left alone & isolated. We really appreciate their time & efforts & we know our clients and their families are extremely grateful for their dedication. Our volunteers provide friendship & support to anyone who is finding life a little difficult. That could be due to illness, a disability or as a result of reduced mobility. We provide transport to: daycentres, luncheon clubs, appointments, shopping, and leisure activities.


Hoylake and District Council for Voluntary Services

 Hoylake and District Council for Voluntary Services 0151 625 6078, 1, Westbourne Rd, West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 4DG

 Hoylake & District Council for Voluntary Service is located in shop front premises in the centre of West Kirby. Established in 1967, we offer advice, guidance and support to voluntary and community groups in our area as well as providing direct services to local residents. Our main services include a “Carelink” Good Neighbour Scheme, volunteer bureau, weekly luncheon clubs for the elderly, a library service for the housebound and a club for the hearing impaired.



Hoylake Cottage Hospital Trust

 Hoylake Cottage Hospital Trust 0151 632 4238, 8, The Row, Market St, Hoylake, Wirral, CH47 2AE

Hoylake Cottage is a centre of excellence at the heart of the community, offering a high standard of care for older people, in the best possible surroundings.

Our long term vision is to provide a complete centre for the care of older people, with a planned new day care centre, to support carers looking after loved ones in their own homes. This will complement the 24 hour nursing and respite care provided in our beautiful new nursing home which opened in 2008.Our staff provides a service which values the individual and promotes independence, choice, dignity and autonomy. We ensure the residents and clients receive the right care from the right people at the time of their choice.

Hoylake Cottage is fortunate in its close affinity with the community which provides over 150 volunteers who give a large proportion of their time supporting the service provision of older people’s care. Our Social Activities Programme includes poetry and reading groups, crafts, entertainment and films and we have day trips and some evening trips to the local pub, theatre and an annual boat trip.


Hoylake Lifeboats

 The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. Its volunteers provide a 24-hour search and rescue service around the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland coasts. The RNLI operates over 230 lifeboat stations in the UK and Ireland and has more than 150 lifeguard units on beaches around the UK. The RNLI is independent of Coastguard and government and depends on voluntary donations and legacies to maintain its rescue service. Since the RNLI was founded in 1824 its lifeboat crews and lifeguards have saved over 139,000 lives. The RNLI has 235 lifeboat stations, covering the coasts of UK and RoI, and selected inland waterways, RNLI lifeguards patrol more than 140 beaches in England and Wales, helping hundreds of thousands of people each year. We need reserves to guarantee the future of our service – this requires long-term investment in new lifeboat stations with an estimated lifespan of 50 years and lifeboats with planned operational lives of up to 30 years.

Thanks to our successful fundraising, our prudent investment policy, and public generosity we have been able to plan and complete major capital projects – even in difficult economic conditions. But our free reserves are at their lowest level in real terms since 1996.



 K.I.N.D 0151 678 6322 248, Hoylake Rd, Moreton, Wirral, CH46 6AD  

KIND is a children’s charity that believes in the importance of investing in the future of our children. Every year, we work with thousands of children, young people and their families across greater Merseyside, pioneering new and imaginative ways to help them cope with many forms of disadvantage. 

Education is key to helping children, young people and their families overcome disadvantage and realise their potential. By offering them access to a range of education, we aim to develop their knowledge and practical skills for a brighter, better future. No matter their background, or what their needs may be, we aim to show them that they and life do have more to offer.   
We recognise that every child has something important to offer, provided they have the appropriate framework within which to express themselves in a positive and responsible way. Every donation or means of support we receive is vital in helping us to Be KIND to thousands of children, young people and their families every year.


Leasowe Trust Ltd

 Leasowe Trust Ltd 0151 638 9599, Leasowe Millenium Centre, Twickenham Drive, Leasowe, Wirral, CH46 1PQ

Leasowe Development Trust is dedicated to the improvement of Leasowe and its surrounding areas. We continue to strive for collaborative working supporting community groups, organisations and institutions, pushing aside personal issues that often destroy community spirit and hinder development. Our work has helped deliver cross Wirral programmes working with and bringing together like minded organisations dedicated to supporting their communities in a way that focuses on those in need and require opportunities to achieve their potential.

As paid workers, in the main through public funding, we have a duty to give of our best and work in the interest of those we serve, often a sentiment lost as people become complacent in their reasonably well paid jobs. As individuals, volunteers and organisations become more territorial in their work and thinking due to the limited amounts of funding available the less impact their work will have on those communities they serve.

It is with these sentiments that Leasowe Development Trust takes up such challenges, cutting through the tribalism and small mindedness we will make every effort to work in collaboration using skills and experience to benefit others and more importantly residents of Leasowe and neighbouring communities.


Macmillan Cancer Relief

 Macmillan Cancer Relief 0151 482 7919, Elm House, Clatterbridge Hospital, Clatterbridge Rd, Bebington, Wirral, CH63 4JY

Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer. One in three of us will get cancer. We are all affected by cancer. We can all help. Together we listen, we learn, we act to help people live with cancer.

We are a source of support, helping all those affected by cancer. It’s not only patients who live with cancer, so we also help carers, families and communities. We guide people through the system, supporting them every step of the way. We fund nurses and other specialist health care professionals and build cancer care centers. But we give so much more than medical help.

People need practical support at home, so we provide anything from precious time off for carers or transportation to the hospital. People need emotional support, so we listen, advise and share information through our cancer support specialists and website|. People need financial help to cope with the extra costs cancer can bring, so we give benefits advice and grants for anything from heating bills to travel costs.

We believe we can all help. We can raise money through marathons, coffee mornings or sponsored events. We can give time at cancer care centers, events and fundraising groups.


National Library for The Blind

National Library For The Blind 0151 606 1818, 10, Blakenhall Way, Upton, Wirral, CH49 4RD

 Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is the UK’s leading charity offering information, support and advice to almost two million people with sight loss. Our pioneering work helps anyone with a sight problem – not just with braille and Talking Books, but with imaginative and practical solutions to everyday challenges. We need you to get involved to support our vital work. As a charity we rely on your generosity. People are still losing their sight unnecessarily. We campaign to eliminate avoidable sight loss and support research into sight loss and eye health issues. 

RNIB is a membership organisation which radically affects how we govern ourselves. Being a member is all about being closer: to information that can help you, to a community of other members and to RNIB itself, where you can make your voice heard and influence what we do. Action for Blind People is an Associate charity of RNIB, and we work together to deliver services across England.



Oxfam Charity Shop 0151 644 7611, 62, Bebington Rd, Bebington, Wirral, CH62 5BH

Oxfam International is an organisation dedicated to fighting poverty and related injustice around the world. Oxfam work together internationally to achieve greater impact by their collective efforts. Working with more than 3,000 local partner organisations, we work with people living in poverty striving to exercise their human rights, assert their dignity as full citizens and take control of their lives. 

We work with and through partners and communities on long-term programmes to eradicate poverty and combat injustice. We deliver immediate life-saving assistance to people affected by natural disasters or conflict, and help to build their resilience to future disasters. We are part of a global movement for change. We raise public awareness of the causes of poverty and encourage ordinary people to take action for a fairer world, we press decision-makers to change policies and practices that reinforce poverty and injustice and we can speak with authority as a result of thorough research and analysis, and the real experience of our partners in developing countries.

With over 120,000 items, our Second-hand Store is the largest Oxfam Shop in the world! All products are donated by our supporters and listed by our amazing volunteers. Every penny raised goes towards funding Oxfam’s work around the world.


Ronald McDonald House at Arrowe Park


The Ronald McDonald House at Arrowe Park is situated inside the Hospital, on the first floor of the Women’s and Children’s building. Ronald McDonald House Charities was formed in 1974, from an unlikely alliance in the USA between the Philadelphia Eagles football team, a hospital in Pennsylvania and a McDonald’s Franchisee.

On hearing the plight of a young couple whose child was seriously ill with cancer but who were unable to find accommodation near to the hospital so they could be with her, they together established the first “home away from home.” Where hospitals do not have the requirement or facilities for a Ronald McDonald House, RMHC can offer Ronald McDonald Family Rooms, which are built within the hospital itself, often above, or adjacent to, the children’s ward. There are currently 29 sets of Ronald McDonald Family Rooms in the UK, providing over 150 bedrooms a night for families to stay in.

If you would like to fundraise for Ronald McDonald House Charities, why not request a fundraising pack? Full of hints and tips on organising an event, as well as information on the charity, stickers you can give away to help raise awareness and even a cardboard collection box to put your spare pennies in, this has everything you need to get started!



Samaritans 0151 334 7560, 15, The Rake Precinct, Bromborough, Wirral, CH62 7AD

Samaritans is a confidential emotional support service for anyone in the UK and Ireland. Samaritans is a volunteer-led organisation, which remains one of its continuing strengths and also employs a small number of paid staff at its Central Office. There are many volunteering opportunities within Samaritans.

The service is available 24 hours a day for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which may lead to suicide.  Volunteers offer support by responding to phone calls, emails and letters. Alternatively people can drop into a branch to have a face to face meeting.

Listening Volunteers provide the emotional support service to callers by telephone, email, SMS, minicom, letter and face-to-face. Inactive Listening Volunteers are those who are temporarily not providing the emotional support service and may be on a leave of absence. Support Volunteers carry out essential tasks to ensure efficient management of the local branches, such as administration, finance and publicity. Shop Volunteers run Samaritans shops to fundraise and raise awareness of Samaritans within local communities.


SSAFA Forces Help 

SSAFA Forces Help (County of Merseyside) 0151 604 1205, P.O Box 49, Upton, Wirral, CH49 4LL

SSAFA Forces Help is the national charity supporting those who serve in our Armed Forces, those who used to serve and the families of both.

Our services reflect the financial, practical and emotional issues people face today and they are freely available to virtually everybody with a service connection. Some are more appropriate for those currently serving, some for those who have served and there are those which apply to everybody. Our continually evolving support services are driven by the current needs of the Service community. They are particularly relevant in today’s high pressure military environment, where our contemporary veterans and serving personnel alike often experience different problems from the soldiers, sailors and airmen of earlier conflicts. Reservists too, heavily engaged in current operations, have equal call on our services.

Last year alone, our professional staff and trained volunteers provided a reliable, caring and trusted service to more than 50,000 people. We make a real difference to so many lives and by purchasing SSAFA merchandise you can show your support too. Purchase items and help us support our Armed Forces and their families at the same time!


St. John’s Hospice


St. John’s Hospice 0151 334 2778, Mount Road, Higher Bebington, Wirral, CH63 6JE


St John’s Hospice aspire to warmly welcome people with progressive illness, which has failed to respond to curative treatment, into the quiet calm of a highly professional caring atmosphere, which always comforts both them and those who are important to them. We work in conjunction with the Wirral Hospital and Community Specialist Palliative Care teams to provide an integrated service for patients whilst extending care and support to those close to them. Patients are referred to St John’s Hospice by their family Doctor or hospital Specialist. The Hospice service is available to all, free of charge. Our specialist team comprises Medical and Nursing staff, Social Workers, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, Aromatherapist, Creative Therapist, Chaplains, Housekeeping/Maintenance staff and Volunteers all working together as a team to improve the quality of life of patients under their care. The demands on our Hospice services continue to grow – this year the cost of providing care to all our patients and their loved ones will be over £2 million, the bulk of which we need to raise from local voluntary sources.




SUNDOWNS is a Wirral based charity that supports individuals with Down syndrome, their parents and carers. Since 1999 SUNDOWNS has developed from a strong family support group into a charity committed to raising awareness of the needs of people with Down syndrome. We provide unbiased support and a listening ear for all our members. Our committed volunteers have formed strong links with Wirral’s statutory bodies in order to work in partnership to improve the quantity and quality of opportunities for children and young people who have Down syndrome.

SUNDOWNS provides information and resources to schools, hospitals and other interested groups. Each year SUNDOWNS hold a Buddy Walk. Where people with Down syndrome, their families, friends and supporters come together for a public walk to

Further raise awareness of Down syndrome. This is the only event of its kind in the U.K. and is inspired by the continent wide events organised in the U.S.A. by the National Down Syndrome Society, the world’s largest organisation working for people with Down syndrome, to whom we are affiliated.


Stick ‘N’ Step


Stick ‘N’ Step 0151 641 9765, St. Johns Parish Centre, 128, Bebington Rd, New Ferry, Wirral, CH62 5BJ

Stick ‘n’ Step were founded in August 2002 to address the lack of support for children with cerebral palsy in the North West. It was created to give children the help they need, and make their families feel that they have also found the support they need. 

They provide free specialist conductive education and support services to children with cerebral palsy and their families and carers. They welcome children from across the North West of England and North Wales and fundraise to ensure their sessions are provided for free.

They welcome everyone, and exist to support whole families, especially when they are feeling confused, lost or worried. The Board of Trustees knows how you feel as half of them have a child with cerebral palsy, so they work hard to ensure Stick ‘n’ Step provides the right type of service, based on their own experience.

Conductive Education is a proven, practical and successful approach which provides coping mechanisms and techniques to allow children and adults to learn to manage the difficulties caused by their disability. It helps to increase their confidence and motivation, helping to develop their personality, feel more positive about their future and their ability to lead independent, fulfilled lives.  


Sue Ryder Care

Sue Ryder Care 0151 677 5808, 102, Ford Rd, Upton, Wirral, CH49 0TQ

Sue Ryder Care is committed to improving standards in long-term and end of life care and have ongoing programme of innovation and research. Our health and social care services are supported by our retail, fundraising and volunteering teams.

We support people living through the challenges of life-changing illness. For some people, we do that by caring for them around the clock in one of our hospices’s or care centres. For others it’s about regular visits at home, helping them with those everyday things that might not come so easily anymore or keeping them active and involved in their community.

Our growing numbers of shops are raising money to improve health and social care across the UK. By supporting our shops you’re helping us expand our specialist palliative, long-term and homecare services. By shopping with us, giving us what you no longer use and gift-aiding your donations, you’re helping people to get the specialist palliative, long-term and end of life care they need. And you’re helping the carers, friends and families too.




Tearfund 0151 522 0594, 90, Dingwall Drive, Greasby, Wirral, CH49 1SQ

At Tearfund, what drives us is a belief that the local church is a powerful force for transformation in communities living in every kind of poverty. Inspired by the example and teaching of Jesus, we recognise that people have deeply interconnected material and spiritual needs, and we seek to meet those needs by working through our local church partners. Churches are at the heart of their communities – full of dedicated, resourceful people who want to make a long-term difference.

We are recognised for our professional expertise in development, disaster response, disaster risk reduction and advocacy. This level of professionalism and expertise, matched with the enduring, sustainable effectiveness of the local church, is a powerful force in the face of poverty. We are committed to standards of conduct and good practice that ensure we are always accountable for the work we do.

We’re also committed to ensuring that as much as possible of the money that supporters give us is spent in ways that really benefit the people who need it.


The Lions Club of West Kirby


The Lions Club of West Kirby, 3, Valleybrook Grove, West Kirby, Wirral, CH63 9FR

Since 1917, Lions have been reaching out to people in need in their local and world communities. As the demand for Lions’ services continues, so does the demand for quality members to fulfil the association’s “We Serve” motto. West Kirby Lions Club was formed on 8th February 2002 with 24 men & women who wanted to serve their local community and help people in need.

During 2008/09 we have raised funds at local events and 100% of the funds raised are being used in our charitable and community service activities. Previous events held to raise funds are;  Attended various community fun days with our inflatable football game and toy tombola, Run a fundraising stall in our local hospital, In partnership with a local school organised a Celtic concert in a local church hall and Invited clubs and individuals to sponsor a child for 5 years in Sri Lanka.


The Multiple Sclerosis Society Wirral Branch

The Multiple Sclerosis Society Wirral Branch 0151 606 1677, 57, Overchurch Rd, Upton, Wirral, CH49 4NW

The Wirral Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society has over 200 members and is run by volunteers. We offer support and information for those affected by MS in our area. We have our own mini bus adapted for those who use wheelchairs.

We stock a number of publications that are available, on request, from our Support Officer, Bernie Gallagher. During the year the mini-bus covers several thousand miles, taking people to Therapy classes, meetings and training courses.

We have a team of volunteers who are kind, compassionate and are there to make your trips more enjoyable with their gentle humour.  The team is managed by Yvonne Higgins.


The Romanian Orphans Appeal


The Romanian Orphans Appeal 0151 648 2564, P.O Box 9, Hoylake, Wirral, CH47 3EF

 The Romanian Orphans Appeal work involves building, refurbishing, digging wells and septic tanks, plumbing, electric’s and sanitation and we still continue to supply medical equipment and medical supplies, toys, shoes and general supplies to orphanages, medical dispensaries and schools. All our projects are on going and include four medical dispensaries, two schools, an orphanage, a kindergarten, a hospital and a ‘Street Kitchen’.

We generally visit at least twice a year and we carry out maintenance on all previous works and begin new projects. All of our workers, who give a great deal of their time and effort, are volunteers and receive no remuneration.


Victim Support


Victim Support 0151 645 8901, The Old Police Station, Civic Way, Bebington, Wirral, CH63 7SF

Victim Support is the independent charity for victims and witnesses of crime in England and Wales. We were set up over 35 years ago and have grown to become the oldest and largest victims’ organisation in the world. Every year, we contact over 1.5 million people after a crime to offer our help.

We depend on thousands of specially-trained volunteers to deliver our services and although we work closely with the police and other parts of the criminal justice system, we are an independent charity. Our services are free of charge and confidential.

We have a special arrangement with the police so that they give us your contact details after you report a crime (we call this referral and you can tell the police not to refer us if you want). We’ll then get in touch – normally within 48 hours of getting your information – to see if we can help. But you can just pick up the phone and call us for support whether or not the police are involved after a crime. We are aware that a single crime can affect lots of people, so that is why we’re there to support friends and family too.


War on Want


War on Want 0151 334 2127, 6, Bromborough Village Rd, Bromborough, Wirral, CH62 7ES

War on Want fights poverty in developing countries in partnership with people affected by globalisation. We campaign for human rights and against the root causes of global poverty, inequality and injustice. Poverty is political. The decisions of politicians in rich countries can mean life or death for people in developing countries. We have the power to reshape the global landscape – to ensure that people across the world can live in justice and peace. War on Want works with some of the bravest and most inspiring groups of people in the world. In rural communities, in factories and sweatshops, in conflict zones and on the margins of society, we work with people fighting for real, lasting change. We always welcome donations, but there are many other ways to raise money for War on Want. One of the most common ways to raise money is to get your friends involved by having them sponsor you for a marathon, cycle ride or some other event.


Wirral Autistic Society 

Wirral Autistic Society 0151 334 7510, 2-10, Grisedale Rd, Old Hall Industrial Estate, Bromborough, Wirral, CH62 3QA  

Wirral Autistic Society have been dedicated to caring exclusively for people with autism for over 40 years. We are committed to understanding each individual with this complex condition and to providing each with the structure to live life to the full, based on their personal needs and aspirations.

 Autism is a lifelong condition which affects each person uniquely. It can affect a person’s ability to form relationships, to communicate and to understand the world around them. Our day services offer fantastic opportunities for people with autism to develop essential skills and reach their full potential.

Based in three different locations in Wirral our services are extensive and provide a real work experience within a full range of activities including woodwork, pottery, printing, fine crafts, information technology, music, personal development and social skills, physical education etc.


West Wirral Lions Club

West Wirral Lions Club 0151 632 0156, Kings Gap Court, The Kings Gap, Hoylake, Wirral, CH47 1HQ

We are a group of people who have come together to give something back to the community. We do not get involved in politics, religion or anything contentious. We enjoy the work involved in raising and distributing the funds within our local community and we have an active social programme, encompassing a wide range of activities. Approximately 90% of the money raised by the West Wirral Lions is spent locally, the remainder being sent through the club’s connections to the International Association of Lions Clubs to be used for global charity support.

As a member of a Lions Club you become aware of the needs of your community and have the opportunity to make a difference. All Lions Clubs, West Wirral Lions included, provide volunteers with project management experience, leadership training, personal development opportunities and organised fund raising programmes. Being a Lion empowers you to help others in a way that no individual could do alone.

As well as giving the opportunity to help the local community being a member of the West Wirral Lions also provides access to a variety of social activities for members and their partners; great opportunities for fun and developing friendships.


 Women’s Enterprising Breakthrough

Women’s Enterprising Breakthrough (WEB) 176 Corporation Road, Birkenhead, Merseyside. CH41 8JQ

Telephone Number: 0151 653 3771

Email Addresses:

Women’s Enterprising Breakthrough is a community based service provider situated in the north end of Birkenhead that’s supports ‘All Women’, regardless of the labels that have been placed upon them by services and society. We welcome ALL women from the age of 16 up. However we also have an activity night for young women on a Wednesday evening which starts from 5:30pm – 7:30pm for age ranges: 9 – 12 year olds and from 7:30pm – 9:30pm for age ranges from: 13 – 16 year olds.

WEB’s aims are to provide a high quality service to such women which:

  • Provides the time, space and flexible support to help women regain confidence and self–esteem
  • Provides opportunities for women to explore personal choices to support their personal growth
  • Promotes opportunities for women’s personal growth and skills development to enable them to get more from life

Many women who come to us have feelings of loneliness and isolation; it could be empty nest syndrome, or varying forms of depression, from mild to clinical. Some women have low self esteem and lack hope due to their difficult and varying circumstances. Some women may simply be experiencing relationship problems, and may need someone independent to talk to, or to discuss their worries.


 Wirral Donate

Registered Charity Number 1066247

We support six local charities working together right on your doorstep, and serving our Wirral community. We are a team of volunteers whose aim is to raise funds through payroll donations, gift aid or standing orders. Please take a few minutes to visit our web site and  see how easy it is to donate on line  to help people on Wirral who urgently  need your support.

It’s simple and it’s local! TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Our member charities are: 

Age UK [Wirral]

  • Wirral Centre for Children with Special Needs
  • Crossroads Care [Respite care for carers]
  • Multiple SclerosisSociety Wirral
  • Wirral Talking Newspaper
  • Wirral Autistic Society 

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